Tribest and brain overload

Hi everyone,

I’m quite excited as I write this. I feel that life is really taking off and there are some amazing things around the
corner for me.  I hope 2014 is treating you as well.

I was in Brisbane last Monday to spend a full day with my Business Coach, Terri Cook of Success Zone.  Before I left home on Sunday, Jannine made me a green smoothie to take with me on the plane – no need to say anything about plane food!


She used our new Tribest blender which is a fantastic portable blender.  As you can see in the picture, the ingredients go into the cup (the meat and water of 1/2 thai green coconut, 1 mango, 1 mint leaf, 1 spinach leaf and water for consistency), the blade is screwed on and then the cup is inverted and put on the motor to blend.  The Tribest can be used for making green smoothies, nut milks, sauces and dips, grinding nuts, seeds and grains and best of all is portable.  So after my green smoothie was made I packed the motor, blade and a spare lid into it’s travel bag and packed this into my suitcase.  I was then able to make a green smoothie the next day.

If you would like more information about the Tribest we got ours from Raw Pleasure.

Monday with Terri was full on!

Have you had days where there is so much information and you are producing so much that your head feels like it is going to explode.  Mine did and to cap it off I started getting a headache across my eyes.  I want to share the following technique with you as this is what I did and it helped the headache evaporate.  It’s called ‘Head Holding’ and I have shown a number of my clients how to do this as this is a fantastic technique for releasing stress.  Whenever we experience stress blood flow is redistributed in the brain and tends to be withdrawn from the Frontal Lobes and redirected to the deeper subconscious survival areas of the brain.  ‘Head Holding’ increases blood flow to the Frontal Lobes (forehead area) and improves the communication between the Frontal Lobes and the ‘Reptilian Brain’ (back of the head) allowing clear thinking.  Use this technique any time you experience stress.


One time I used this that showed me how powerful this technique really is, is the time my son broke his arm.  Oliver was in immense pain, crying and becoming hysterical.  As Jannine drove us to the hospital, I sat in the back with Oliver holding his head, as described in the attachment, and getting him to focus on ‘blowing out a candle’.  Big blows.  At times I would just hold the forehead and hold up my finger and say “Blow out the candle, big blows”.  As we will automatically breathe in, it is important to focus on the out breathe.  By the time we reached the hospital Oliver was still in pain but very calm.  He was able to get himself out of the car and into the wheel chair to go into the hospital.  The more often you ‘Head Hold’ the more often you take yourself out of the stress response and move towards having an integrated functioning brain and therefore able to come up with solutions to your problems.  Please send me an email as I would love to hear how this works for you.

In good health, Vicki.

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