N.O.T. in action

I love what I do and I feel so empowered as a parent when I can help my own children.  Last week Emma was kneeling on her bed when she flopped down on her tum however she didn’t realise that the doona was covering the foot of the bed so when she flopped down her neck landed on the wooden part and her head was hanging over it.  She was very distressed, so while cuddling her I held her head (Head Holding) to help calm her down.

Once she was calm she said her neck hurt and the pain was also going along her jaw to her ear.  I did some other techniques on her known as N.O.T. (Neural Organisational Technique) and while holding some points on her head she opened her eyes and said “The pain is going, thank you so much Mumma” and closed her eyes again.  When I finished there was a small amount of pain where the adam’s apple is.  She slept well and woke the next morning feeling really good.  I am so blessed to have N.O.T. as one of my ‘tools’ to help my family.  I can also help you if you have any pain or structural discomfort just give me a call to make an appointment.

In good health, Vicki

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