Unable to follow instructions?

Do you find morning times challenging to get your kids ready for school? Does your child have difficulty following instructions?  Do they forget what you have asked them to do? 

Morning times can be a challenge particularly if you need to constantly remind your child what they need to do. “Go and get dressed.  Have you packed your bag? Have you cleaned your teeth?  Where is your homework?  I said go and get dressed.”  Does this sound familiar? Well I have a few tips that can help you organise your morning routine so that it goes more smoothly and you don’t sound like a drill sergeant.angry-people

  1. Only give 1 – 3 instructions at a time.  They go into their room to do their tasks and they have forgotten by the time they get there what was asked of them.  This is because the amount of information they are getting is overloading them.  It is a bit like a power surge in an electrical box which then causes the safety switch to trip.  If this is happening with your child they won’t hear or understand everything that you have said.
  2. Get your child to repeat the instructions.  This way you know they have heard and comprehended.
  3. Use visuals. When my kids were younger I had a board with pictures of what needed to be done in the morning, ie pack bag, get dressed, make bed etc. As each task was completed they would move the picture to a box.  This way we both could see what still needed to be done.  I also had a picture of them playing at the end of the tasks so they knew when everything was done the last ‘task’ was playing.  I stopped being the drill sergeant!
  4. Make the morning routine fun.  Most of the time kids just want to play. Getting ready for school is not playing.  What I would do at times is make a game out of one of the tasks, like getting dressed. “Can you get dressed before I do?”  Then off we went.  A much more enjoyable morning.
  5. Write a list of what they need to do.  Now that my children are older and can read I use a written list at various times, like when we are going away and they need to pack their bags for an over night trip.  As each item is packed they rub it off the white board.  This is great because it gives them more independence.  Also if something is forgotten – they packed their bags!

Let me know what has worked for you and your children?

In good health, Vicki

Raw Dinner party

raw-apple-pieSaturday night we had our Raw Pot Luck Dinner where people bring a raw dish to share.  We had a curry soup, pad thai, waldorf salad with a twist, apple pie, key lime cheesecake, peppermint chocolate squares and this lovely apple pie.  Jannine and I even had the leftover apple pie for breakfast with some goji berries, chia seeds and buckwheat.  Who said you can’t have dessert for breakfast?  Our next Raw Pot Luck Dinner is on Sat 26th July.  You are more than welcome to join us even if you have not attended the workshop. Just send me an email.

If you would like to see the other photographs of the food click here.

In good health, Vicki

The Raw Truth about Live Food

brave-magazineMy article “The Raw Truth about Live Food” is in the Brave Magazine and is now also on the web.  The article discusses what is raw food and the benefits. Just click here to have a read.

I would love to hear what you think of the article.

In good health, Vicki

The Power of Water

drinking-waterOn one visit a client told me she now had pain on the outside of her little toe, near the nail, which was affecting her ability to walk.  This point is the end of the Bladder Meridian.  Upon discussing the function of the Bladder and looking metaphorically at what the Bladder Meridian represents through the following questions: “Are you hydrated, lubricated and feeling a free flow of energy, or are you dry, tight, concentrated or inhibited?  What is an irritant, or is too highly concentrated and needs dilution and/or elimination? What emotion do you need to let flow?” She felt that she was not hydrated enough.  A week later upon returning, the pain had gone and she was walking normally.

For optimal performance, clarity of thought and the mind-body integration the body needs to be properly hydrated. Could your aches and pains be a result of a lack of water?

In good health, Vicki