The Power of Water

drinking-waterOn one visit a client told me she now had pain on the outside of her little toe, near the nail, which was affecting her ability to walk.  This point is the end of the Bladder Meridian.  Upon discussing the function of the Bladder and looking metaphorically at what the Bladder Meridian represents through the following questions: “Are you hydrated, lubricated and feeling a free flow of energy, or are you dry, tight, concentrated or inhibited?  What is an irritant, or is too highly concentrated and needs dilution and/or elimination? What emotion do you need to let flow?” She felt that she was not hydrated enough.  A week later upon returning, the pain had gone and she was walking normally.

For optimal performance, clarity of thought and the mind-body integration the body needs to be properly hydrated. Could your aches and pains be a result of a lack of water?

In good health, Vicki

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