Trouble with reading?

Reading should be enjoyable and easy, but for some children reading is very difficult and stressful.  As we aren’t inside their heads we don’t know what is happening for them, how they are perceiving the letters and words on the page and how challenging they might find reading.   Here is a list of some of the cues or behaviours they may exhibit if they are finding reading difficult:

  1. Experiencing headaches when readingtrouble-with-reading
  2. Guessing words which they should know for their age and ability
  3. Being easily distracted
  4. Either moving the book around or their body around (squirming) while reading
  5. Constantly loosing their place on the page
  6. Switching letters around, ie the word is now however what is said is won
  7. Experiencing stomachaches
  8. Unable to sound out words
  9. Avoidance of reading like getting their sibling to read for them

If this sounds like your child what can you do?

  • Have their eyes checked by an Optometrist to confirm there is no issues with vision, signs of injury or ocular disease
  • Another area to check is the functional visual efficiency which is done by a Behavioural Optometrist. The functional visual efficiency influences the way we interpret what we see and is therefore not solely dependant on how clear the eyesight is.
  • When your child is reading use cards to cover some of the lines on the page so that they can focus on the line they are reading
  • Have you child read books on subjects that interest them ie trains, dinosaurs, horses
  • Comic books are also great as there are more pictures than words and so can be less overwhelming for some children
  • Use every day situations to encourage your child to read, ie reading the shopping list, reading the instructions of a toy they wish to make, reading the recipe

You can also bring them in for some Kinesiology so that we can find out what the stressors are that are affecting your child’s reading and diffuse them.  I can also teach you and your child some easy Self Help Techniques which can be done before reading and homework which helps with releasing stress and improves brain integration.  By taking the stress out of reading, symptoms like headaches and stomaches are also alleviated and reading improves.

In good health, Vicki

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