What is your child’s learning style?

Every child learns differently using a combination of watching, listening and doing.  One of these may be favoured or dominate, but all three are used.  By understanding your child’s learning style you will be able to help improve your child’s ability to learn.  So what are the different learning styles?

  • VisualLearning Stlye
    • thinks in pictures
    • enjoys using pictures, shapes, maps and colours
    • loves watching videos and movies to learn
  • Auditory
    • thinks in words rather than pictures
    • learns by listening
    • uses rhythms, tone and chants
  • Kinesthetic (touch)
    • expresses themselves through movement
    • learns through touch, doing and moving
    • can have trouble sitting for extended periods of time

Each learning style uses a different part of the brain so the more of the brain that is activated in the learning process the more that will be remembered.

So how can you assist your child in their learning experience using the different learning styles?

Lets take spelling:

  • Visual
    • have them draw a picture of the word then write the word
    • use different colour pencils to write the word
    • assign each letter a different picture then make the word with the pictures instead of the letters
  • Auditory
    • recite the spelling word aloud
    • record the recited spelling so that they can be listened to it
    • use different vocal tones, ie how would a dragon sound spelling the word
  • Kinesthetic (touch)
    • spell the word in flour
    • make the word in clay
    • every time a spelling word is said correctly they are able to kick a ball

When it comes to homework, using the different learning styles also keeps your child engaged in what they have to do.Bring out coins or blocks when they are doing maths, break up the homework into chunks and after each chunk let them do something physical like tug-of-war with you, discuss what their homework is and how it might relate to life at home. My son loves doing maths when I bring out the sultanas as he gets to eat the answer after each maths question is completed.

By engaging your child using each of the different learning styles they will be able to learn more easily and the learning experience will be more fun.

How have you engaged your child in learning?

In good health, Vicki

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