Are you having regular down time?

coffee timeI was talking to my mentor, Terri, the other day and at the end of the session she suggested that I take 30 mins each day for ‘Nothing Time’.  Nothing Time? Terri explained that each day she has 30 mins where she has a cuppa and does nothing. No one is to disturb her including the kids. It is a way to recharge the batteries – to reboot the body. It was interesting to observe my internal reaction to her suggestion – “I’m already busy, to take 30 mins out of my day…ahh”. So that afternoon I made a cup of tea and sat on my lounge for my 30 mins of down time. I found it quite challenging to just sit. First I noticed how the TV area needed a dust, then I looked at the clothes that needed folding and putting away and then I thought of my to do list….. So I turned away from it all and looked out side and watched the wind in the trees. I lasted 20 mins the first day.

The next day I again made a cup of tea and sat on the lounge. Again I noticed what needed doing around the house. This time I also felt guilty. Where did that come from? As I sat a picture of my parents came to my mind. Dad was, is always on the go, he rarely sits, while my Mum would and does take regular time out through the day to have a cuppa and read some of her book. Dad would often comment about Mum taking time out. Ah that is where that has come from – I’ve copied Dad on the go, go, go and if I do stop I feel guilty about it. So I sat there that day for the full 30 mins and noticed how I felt and what was happening in my body.

I have found that the 30 mins a day has allowed me the time to be with myself. To give myself a break, which has helped me recenter and come back to myself, ready for the rest of the day. It has also allowed my brain to have some time off and for me to once again enjoy hot cups of tea. So do you have regular down time? Do you sit and read a book? Do you lay in the sun? Have you made the commitment to yourself that you are important and deserve regular, daily, down time? If not I suggest that you do and observe yourself and your thoughts.

In good health, Vicki

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