Green Juice

Green juiceI have been experimenting the last few weeks increasing my intake of dark green leafy vegetables. I wrote about why here. I have used them in juices, smoothies, soups and salads. I have noticed a difference between the days that I have a high intake compared to the days that I don’t. The days when I’ve consumed more dark green leafy vegetables I’ve felt more energised, centred and focused. I’ve also felt that I have coped better with what has happened in the day. One of the ways that I have increased my intake is to have a juice – either start the day with a juice or have one in the morning. I have also found that by having the juice I have reduced my intake of coffee. Ok I don’t drink much coffee normally, at the max two coffees a day but I have been feeling it is now time to let go of them and have found it difficult to do. The juice has helped so far. One of my favourite juices is below:

  • small bunch of spinach, removed from stems
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 red apple
  • 1/2 lime, skin removed

Run all ingredients through a juicer.

In good health,


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