What are cravings?

What are cravings? Hmmmm… for me cravings are when you have a desire for something. Most people will think of cravings as being food or liquid based, like chocolate or alcohol, however cravings can be for anything. Sunshine, a hug, interaction with a special someone, cigarettes. You see everything that we consume, yes the food and liquids, but this also extends to the stuff we read, the things we listen, the aroma’s we smell, all have an affect on us and change us physiologically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually. Even the people we hang out with and the thoughts we think has an affect on us.

The body is always looking at regaining homeostasis or balance, and what the craved item is, is a message from the body that balance has been lost and there is something about the craved item that will help bring us back into balance. Lets look at a few:

Sweets and Chocolate – can indicate there is a lack of joy or sweetness in some area of your life or that there is a never ending ‘to do’ list which creates a sense of no time for yourself. You can also crave sweets or chocolate when you are feeling exhausted or they can be used to cover up sadness and grief. They can also be craved when there is a loss of intimacy or romance.

Salt – relates to the need to let go, relax and go with the flow. It also relates to emotions and letting the emotions flow, as salt attracts water and the Kidney Meridian (in Chinese Meridian Theory) governs water. Are you letting your emotions flow?


Spicy – Do you crave spicy foods when life is boring and vanilla? Spicy foods also help unlock the imagination. If you are feeling stuck or stale, then spicy foods can give you the ‘intensity’ to get moving.


Crunch – Craving something crunching can relate to your inability to say what you would like to say, you need to bit down on something. It could also relate to feeling angry and not wishing to snap.


These are just a few reasons behind cravings, however, it goes further than this. It is looking at the whole story around the craved item and digging deeper to what is really underneath. Let me give you an example:

Years ago my craved item was Ferrero Rocher chocolates. These are balls of wafers, filled with nutella and a hazelnut which is then coated in chocolate and chopped hazelnuts. At that time, I was very stressed and dealing with a lot of grief. When I am stressed I feel very contracted, chocolate helps me feel expansive. It also helps numb the grief. So craving these chocolates, I was looking at changing how I was feeling. The hazelnuts also played a part, in that they provide a crunch to the chocolate. At that time I was also angry with the situation and could not express myself the way that what I wished to. Looking further into the ‘story’ of the cravings, Ferrero Rocher chocolates are wrapped in gold and come in a gift box. They are usually given at times of celebrations, gifts of love and appreciation. I felt unappreciated during this time, so buying the box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates was a gift to myself.

As you can see there is more to just the item that is craved, it is also looking at the story that is around the item, what is the context in which the item is usually consumed. This will then give you more information about what is going on for you. Another example is craving Nonna’s spaghetti bolognese. Is it the pasta, the cheese, the whole dish? Or is it when you visited Nonna, she would sit and listen to you, allow you the time to down load what was going on for you with no judgement. Are you really craving the space to download without judgement?

By digging deeper into the cravings you will find out what is the real cause is for the craving/s. With this knowledge of the real underlying cause you will then be at choice of how you bring yourself back into balance.

Would you like to dig deeper into your cravings? What to change your relationship with your food?  Let’s chat. Schedule in initial complementary consultation with me today. Email me vicki@inspiredchange.com.au

In vibrant health, Vicki

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