Did you know by including raw food in your diet, you can increase your energy levels and sense of well-being?

Did you also know that what you eat impacts your emotions?

Would you like to know how raw food can make you more resilient during the tough times?

The Pathways to Vitality program is designed specifically for women, to support them in their relationships and their connection with themselves. Our food choices are often symbolic of that connection.

Hi, I am Vicki Cook, Health Coach, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Raw Food Specialist and Kinesiologist, and I invite you to join me on this exciting path of self-discovery with raw food.

My desire is to work with women who realise they are already on a journey, and that the food they eat is a significant tool to help them connect more fully with themselves and the Divine.

  • Did you know the food you put on your plate is your teacher? If we look at our food as messages of nourishment, not as protein, carbs, fats or calories, what could our food be telling us?
  • How we eat our food is also a message of nourishment. Do we give the best bits to others (self-worth) or do we eat without thinking/feeling/sensing our food?
  • Where else in our life are we not present or afraid to show up? It’s fascinating to learn these aspects about ourselves. With awareness, we can begin to make conscious choices.

This program is not about weight loss although that can be a beautiful side benefit. I know from personal experience eating healthy raw food also assists in navigating life’s challenges with more grace and dignity.

In this program you will learn:

  • which foods work best for your body
  • how to re-frame your stress response so you can handle challenges that come your way
  • how to become more present during your day
  • how to nourish yourself deeply with a selection of self-care options
  • how eating raw food supports your body nutritionally and energetically

It’s a personal program that is designed to be flexible. Through my passion for raw food and love of helping others, you will be guided, supported and encouraged every step of the way. You will feel the lightness of eating raw food lift your vibration. Most importantly, you will feel more empowered as you come to understand and appreciate the mind/body connection.

“I felt more empowered, more thoughtful and reflective after completing the program. Vicki treated me like a VIP at each session.” Jody, Kingswood

I offer a FREE introductory 45 min consultation where you can learn more about the program and discover how it may benefit you. You will also see if working with me is a fit for you.

The ‘Pathways to Vitality’ program supports your progress with fortnightly ‘meet ups’ which can be done in person or via skype.

Two options are available – a three-month program for AUD$900 (AUD$300 per month) or the highly recommended six-month program for AUD$1740 (AUD$290 per month). Both programs are tailored just for you however the six-month program offers greater depth and breakthroughs for empowered living.   Both programs also include:

  • regular email support between sessions
  • guidance with menu planning
  • tasty and easy to prepare recipes

My greatest wish is to inspire you to live passionately with raw food so your inner strength illuminates your outer beauty and confidence. I invite you to join me for this very special program – a new pathway to vitality.

To book your FREE introduction 45min consultation please complete the details below: