Unlock your Passion for Life through Raw Food

Have you been searching for a way to truly nourish yourself? Would you like more energy and vitality? Are you ready to shine?img_1229

In this course you will learn:

  • What is Raw Food?
  • Benefits of including Raw and Living Foods
  • Decide whether to eat 100% raw for a day or increase your raw food to 50% or 75% for the day
  • Discover 14 recipes *
    • 2 x breakfast
    • 2 x dips
    • 2 x lunch
    • 2 x green smoothies
    • 2 x dinners
    • 2 x desserts
  • ‘How to make’ videos for each of the recipes
  • 2 x shopping lists
  • How to continue your raw food journey that is right for you

*Each recipe is gluten, dairy and added sugar free, no cooking involved and they taste sensational. 7 of the recipes use essential oils in the preparation. If you do not have essential oils that is ok as I have included the spice equivalent.

img_1307I have also included the following bonuses:

  • Mindfulness and mindful eating
  • Menu planner
  • Why soak nuts and seeds
  • Essential oils, benefits and how to use them in food preparation

If you are ready to experience how raw food can unlock your passion for life then this is the course for you.


Meet Vicki Cook

Vicki is fascinated by the healing ability of the body and passionate about health. Her mission is to educate, facilitate, inspire and empower women to unlock their joy and passion through connecting with themselves, raw food and being present so they can create a sweet and abundant life. 

Vicki is a qualified Health Coach, Kinesiologist, Raw Food Teacher and owner of Inspired Change and loves spending time in the kitchen creating sensational tasting raw treats.

Vicki runs raw food or no cooking workshops introducing the benefits of raw food and how easy it is to incorporate it into your life style. Vicki loves sharing her passion for whole foods and coaching people on their journey towards vibrant health and well-being. 

Vicki also works one-on-one with people who wish to unlock their passion for life and live a life of vibrant well-being.