Reducing Physical and Emotional Pain

“Hi Vicki, Friday night I woke and felt different, as if the weakness around my waist was leaving me, moving down through my limbs and out. Saturday morning the weakness had largely disappeared. I’m no longer feeling like it’s a mammoth effort to get up from sitting. Any time I had to use my tummy muscles I would feel exhausted and irritated. Amazing results.” Jane

“Vicki, I just wanted to sincerely thank you for everything the other evening. Not only was the kinesiology incredibly helpful, but the chat and having someone to listen to my deepest thoughts/fears/etc etc etc (even though I had no idea that was all going to tumble out….) was wonderful. I felt so much better (and you were right, I was very tired afterwards ) and felt emotionally and physically renewed.” Julie

“I realised very late last night that I had compromised a disc in my lower back. This was clearly a result of me continually ripping the mower cord and dragging the mower with one arm on Saturday (it took two days for the injury to become apparent, having attributed the cause to another activity). Sitting, reaching forward, lying down and trying to get out of bed were the actions affected.

I made three calls that morning to two osteopaths and a chiropractor to address the injury. As you would expect at this time of year (31st Dec 13) the Clinics were closed. I rang Vicki for a N.O.T. (Neural Organisational Technique) session. Having studied a little N.O.T., I understand the effectiveness, versatility and application of N.O.T. to a whole range of health conditions and injuries.

Vicki, your methodical approach to correcting whatever came up at each step of the process, clearly paid off. By the time I left, I was able to walk and move more freely and the pain level had dropped 50%.

I enjoyed a big night out at the fireworks on Cockatoo Island Marina for New Years Eve. I’d like to report back Vicki that the freedom of movement this morning after compromising a disc is remarkable, post treatment. Today (1st Jan 14) I have 75% less pain. its remarkable and I’m so grateful to you. Vicki, you are an Angel. Thank you for being good at working out the (my) puzzle and your dedication to N.O.T. Thank you for seeing me on New Year’s Eve. Namaste.” Amanda

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