Relieving Stress and Anxiety

“Hi, Vicki, I just wanted to sincerely thank you for everything the other evening. Not only was the kinesiology incredibly helpful, but the chat and having someone to listen to my deepest thoughts/fears/etc etc etc (even though I had no idea that was all going to tumble out….) was wonderful. I felt so much better (and you were right, I was very tired afterwards ) and felt emotionally and physically renewed.  Thank you.” Julie

“Hi Vicki, I’ve actually resigned from my job as I know it’s been too difficult for me to spend my days with very negative clients and they take so much of my energy and the session with you was instrumental in that decision, so Thank You! I feel really goos about it and have taken a role in admin. Much less stress!” Brooke

“I loved my sessions with you. I feel very much at ease with you which obviously helps when ‘opening’ up.” Simon

“I found the Kinesiology sessions very productive and helped me gain some insight into what are the underlying causes of my poor sleep and high stress levels.” Brooke

“I was 58 years old and was struggling with some difficult events in my life. I was becoming bitter, angry, harshly judgemental, eating and sleeping badly and retreating from people. I was lost. My body and soul hurting.

On March 29th 2013 I decided to walk the 800km pilgrimage across Northern Spain – The Camino de Santiago. Walked by people for centuries for many reasons I wanted to make my walk a spiritual experience in search of self and healing. But, at 58 years of age how would I manage this pilgrimage? Physically, emotionally and spiritually? Was I too small for this journey?

I found Vicki, who practices remedial massage and kinesiology. She was to become my healer, my sherpa, for the next 13 months on Camino preparation. My Camino preparation was difficult at times. I struggled with doubts, fears, exhaustion and pain – spiritual, emotional and physical, which was all connected. Vicki understood this connection and worked with my pain – my ongoing, shifting pain, as it arose in many forms and degrees of severity, so beautifully. With tireless empathy, gentleness and expertise, Vicki engaged with every new challenge my body threw at her and guided me through my healing process.

In the past 13 months together we have dealt with many issues; from pneumonia, anxiety, fear, muscle pain, back and leg pain to blisters and paresthesia. The physical, emotional and spiritual pain all connected and intertwined. I am sure that at times I have felt defeated but Vicki never did. She always used her incredible, diverse skills not only to heal my body but to teach me how to care for myself on all levels.

I leave for my Camino in two weeks, stronger and healthier and well prepared. I remain so very grateful for Vicki’s guidance and healing. Such a gift from the goddess. ULTREYA! Moving forward with courage.” Linda

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