What happens in a session?

what is kinesiologyIn the first session I will spend time with you taking a thorough history including; personal information, medical history, past traumas, interests, diet preferences and finding our what you would like to achieve yourself (or your children).

You then lie fully clothed, face up on the massage table and I use a technique called Muscle Monitoring to check the changes of response from your nervous system that has led to you experiencing ill health or emotional disturbances. It is your body that is directing the session and determining what you need to help you recuperate.

We will continue to monitor your progress through subsequent sessions. No two sessions will be the same as they are each tailored to your current situation. In each session we will be working towards correcting the imbalances in your nervous system and restoring you to optimum health, happiness and well-being.

Ring me today at Inspired Change on 0407 844 868 to make an appointment.

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