Discover Raw/Live Food and Green Smoothie Demo

Vicki is passionate about teaching people the benefits of raw/live food and how easy it is to incorporate into your lifestyle. She has been on her own journey with food for the last 20+ years and it is with the discovery of raw/live food that she found she had come home. By increasing your consumption of raw/live food you can increase your energy, help connect more deeply with yourself, open up your heart centre and profoundly change your life.
010In this workshop you will learn:
– about the health benefits of raw/live food
– discover that there is an amazing array of options out there (it is more than just lettuce, tomato and cucumber)
– taste some yummy raw/live dishes
– learn about the benefits of consuming more greens
– learn about the health benefits of introducing green smoothies into your life
– see how easy they are to make and then taste the results
– take home some green smoothie recipes to get you started
Through her hands on workshops, in-home demonstrations and personalised coaching, Vicki can guide and inspire you on your journey back to yourself.
Date to be confirmed